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Road Signs and What do They Mean

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By: Clifford F. Berman
Posted on: Aug 26, 2010 - 8:58:45 PM

You might as well get used to the fact that as long as you are driving a vehicle on the road there will always be traffic signs. Even if you go on vacation and leave the state to visit another state for the majority of the traffic signs they will remain the same in size and shape. The “Stop” sign is universal and the “Yield” sign is the same shape too. The difference may be the color whether it is red or yellow for its meaning but the words will tell you what it means so there is no mistake. If there are no words on the sign to tell you to merge then there will be a picture showing you to merge into traffic.

There is an advantage for signs, if they are for traffic then you know what to expect from the other drivers too. There are signs that give you directions and routes and highways to help you along the way so you do not get lost. There are also signs that will tell you when a rest area is available or when there will be gasoline and food available if you need gas or have not eaten. In some states there are signs to tell you that it is a toll road and a toll bridge will be coming soon or you may have to take a ticket to complete your trip to the next exit. There are signs warning you about falling rocks and deer crossings so you know to watch for the unexpected animal to run from the trees to cross the road. There are even mile markers on the road that are helpful in case you break down you are able to tell someone where you are located.

Another thing you can do with a mile marker is some start a measured mile so you can check your odometer reading to see if it changes when the measured mile is over ensuring an accurate reading on your vehicle. Signs help us along with showing us the way to get somewhere. Sometimes we do not know where we are heading but the signs tell us how to keep traveling safely until we decide what to do. You may see new construction signs when there is a change in the road pattern or if the department of transportation is trying to warn you of a hazard in the road you are ready to travel. Some signs flash and warn a particular vehicle or mode of transportation possibly a motorcycle if they need to take extra precaution on a particular piece of road because of construction or uneven pavement. The warning helps the drivers on the road.

Signs can take you anywhere.

There are times when you will be traveling in town and you will see the speed limit signs and they will be often and change in their limits. This is showing you that there are houses or you are coming up on a residential piece of road and will need to slow down. You may even be traveling in a neighborhood and see a sign that says “Children Playing” or “Deaf Children” and this would give you the additional warning of the little children or to be aware of the possibility of a child running in the road or a deaf child not hearing you come down the street and they start crossing the road. There will be times that you are so used to seeing the sign you honestly do not read it to find out that in fact it has changed. This is when drivers become too complacent and need to be reminded that things and signs do change and to be aware.

How many times have you come to a traffic light when it was “RED” and was ready to make that right turn only to unexpectedly see the sign that says “No Turn on Red” and you caught yourself and waited for the light to turn green? This is because we are so used to being able to make that right turn on red that when the sign appears it catches us off guard. This is an example of not really reading the signs but going through the motions when driving. Drivers need to focus a little more. We make the joke of putting our cars in auto to take us home because we go the same way each day that we can actually cause an accident or have an accident because our minds drift. We have gone this way for the past five years and nothing has changed so we become bored with the drive.

If you find this happening then you may want to find another way home to keep your drive interesting or possibly look into carpooling. Find another way to make sure you stay safe while you are on the road but most of all watch for all new and changing road signs.


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